5/27/2012 Unimportant Beginnings


The story of Jesus’s birth has told many times. So many times in fact, that I sigh when someone is about to tell it again or if the Lord tells me read it again. By now I know that If I listen with an expectant heart, I will receive a life changing treasure.  This time was no different. The key is to take it personal, knowing that it is not ment to offend or hurt you, but mold you.

Luke’s telling of Jesus’s birth is found in Luke 2:1-20. If you let it soak in , where He was born, what He was wrapped in, where He had to sleep. You know you’re looking at humble beginnings. Don’t forget the shepherds. Inviting shepherds doesn’t really move you up in the who’s who book.

Where you were born, what cheap blanket you wrap yourself  in and that mitch-match bed set you sleep on is not how you measure your worth or importants. (I might add that anyone who does measure you according to these things,…well you know what you should do with that relationship.) What matters is what was prophesied about you.  “And she or he will be”…. The Lord has planned it before your birth. ( Jeremiah 1:5 /29:11)

You can appreciate the fact that Jesus didn’t grow up, looking at his unimportant beginnings, and then become a victim of low expectations. Use your God-given gifts to help or inspire others, and “expect great things” as my pastor always says.

Love ya

Kim S-J