5/29/12 Status (Esther 4-7) (2 Tim 3:16-17)

I like to play the sims, okay I love to play the sims. I enjoy it because I get to create a simulated person right down to their facial features and characteristics. I have a pretty good idea how they are going to react in certain situations. I try to get their good qualities to over ride the bad, but it’s a good thing I’m not God. Sometimes I forget about a character and something bad happens to them. Even worse, one of them will get on my nerves and I “get them taken care of”.

The great “I Am” is God and I am not. He created us in detail, our looks and the combination of our characteristics. He knows how we will react in situations. I’m saying our looks and our qualities that we use to become who we are come from God. He expects us to use our status in life with the people of God in mind. Your gifts, talents, and looks come to you without even committing your life to God, but you’ll never perform your masterpiece without a relationship with Him. He can tell you just how to use it so you feel more than satisfied, more like you’re fulfilling your purpose in life.

How many times did Esther hear how pretty she was. How many hearts she must of melted. She could’ve spilled milk all over the king and it would have been alright. Don’t think for once that her looks were some lucky combination on her father’s side. God molded her for a purpose. He made her like jewelry. He used her looks to open the king’s ears. (It seems his eyes were working better than his ears)

Use who you are or your position in life to the glory of God.  Let the Lord show you how to use the gifts He has given you. Move past the compliments of mere men to the praises that only God can give you.

More than satisfied

Kim S-J