Movie 2: Unordered Steps

(Written to fellow followers of the Christ, Jesus)

The only thing worse than being directly connected to wicked activity, is thinking that you are not connected and you are. The Lord warns us about following traditions and things that appear to put us on a path of knowledge, or wisdom. God has to be our source or we will find ourselves intertwined in iniquity and we won’t be aware of it.  (Psalm 106:35)

When you come across someone who is willingly serving fallen spirits, we should remember that the Lord is still untying us from iniquities in our past. It may not seem as awful to us as willingly surrendering to fallen spirits, but there are lies that must be uncovered in prayer and guidance in each of our lives. (Phil 2: 12b)  If we remember that we were born with these kinds of ties, until the Lord delivered us, then we can have the love and affection that it takes to collectively pray for and witness to those who are sent in our paths. Our relationship with our Lord will lead us on how to respond as we are lead by the Spirit of God alone. (John 16:13)

When I made movie two of the ‘Master Slave series’, I was reflecting on someone who talked with Christians often and admired their freedom. He talked about Christian being so free, they were spoiled. They decide when they would obey their God. His family was tied to a long line of …demons, oaths, and defilement on all levels. You know the things we don’t really want to run into.  I felt like Alice in Wonderland, except someone pushed me down the hole, and I didn’t want to sip, eat, or touch anything. Although he admitted to having an undercurrent of great fear, he had a real respect for the supernatural beings. ( 1 John 4:18)  As a result he was more disciplined, and because of his discipline he was rewarded with things most Christians only dream about. Somehow, he saw himself as better than those who embraced the “full” evil in the family. He made rules that didn’t seem so wicked. He didn’t want to appear so different to the outside world, but the standard he set was still twisted. He saw it as “moving closer to something better”.  A mild example would be, instead of many wives, the men that he was in charge of, would have one wife and “only” two concubines.  A little leaven still leavens the whole lump. (1 Cor 5:6)

The Christians in this man’s life were looking at what he had and figured Jesus would be a hard sell.  (Rev 3:17)  He didn’t seem to need power and favor, so no one witnessed to him much. It’s hard to know what to say if you don’t focus on the future. Christians were just as short sighted as he was. In man’s time, and in this realm, he seemed to have it all. But the Lord tells us to be farsighted, have patients and look at His watch (Rev 3:10 & 2Cor 6:4). I was more concerned for the Christians who didn’t know what to say. A lesson from David, soothe the troubled spirit with music, hoping the words will penetrate the stony heart.

This man would have odd conversations about power and territory, with the men in his family. His father would assign him to do odd and foul things.  Women would fight over rank and power. No one spoke of falling in love, raising children, or a real good friendship. Things like that were missing from his story.

One day the man admitted to being in love, at least his version of being in love.  But instead of being excited, he was afraid.  He was doing everything he could not to anger the fallen spirits or give them a reason to use it against him. He began to communicate less with “Christian” friends. (When I say Christian friends, I’m talking about the people who say they are Christians if you ask them flat out, but they can live under the radar because it’s not intertwined in their life.  He didn’t speak to Christians he couldn’t play tug-of-war with.)  In his mind, he was protecting them.  He was being drawn to the cemetery to live amongst the tombs, away from love ones. (Mark 5:2-3)

The last straw for this man was thinking about how his children would live.  The fork in the road or the opportunity for a decision had been presented.

This man became a follower of Christ. A bold and powerful witness for Jesus Christ came to him with boldness and more power in his right eye than he had experience his whole life. You see the witness was possessed by love.  (Mark 12:33) The witnessed loved the man at first sight, just as God so loved the world that he gave his only son. The witness knew that the man was one of those “whosever’s”, and if he believed that the son of God was named Jesus and His sacrifice and blood would cleanse his defilement.  (John 3:16)  The witness was on a rescue mission. He was so farsighted; it was as if he was sent from the future. (Jude 1: 23)

This man gave his life to Jesus and lost everything, but while he was in the desert, he built a temple. God dwelt there.  He feared no evil, because of the protection and wisdom of God’s word.  (Jer 15:19-20)  He discovered the gift of the Lord that the fallen spirits couldn’t take away, given to him at birth.  (Romans 11: 29)  He used his gift and the gifts of the Spirit of God and the Lord rewarded his faithfulness and devotion.  Once again, he is responsible for people. He educates people, so that they do not mix righteousness with wickedness.  He is one of God’s beloved sons, and now the Lord is pleased with him.  The witness remained his mentor and brother of accountability.  (Oh yea, he’s rich again, in case someone was wondering.)

This man is who I build my story board from. It’s in the form of movie clips.  Because I know the whole story, it’s interesting to me.  I do them for fun only.  I made them a long time ago, so I tried to freshen them up a bit.  Please feel free to crack up, I do.

This man considered himself to be a master. I thought to myself, “You are the master of slaves, the ultimate slave to this world.” The title of the 21 clips series, became ‘the master salves’, (Romans 6:19).  So the character in most of the movie series is based off of “this man”.  In the clips, the man is named Master Sha-mahad Taskmaster. I focused on 4 fallen spirits that connected to his family. They influence the people in their area with their wealth and exciting ways.

I hope you glance through the clips until you get to the more recent clips. Better yet look at the more recent clips and maybe you’ll want to know what happened before. Either way, I will keep posting about the characters in the clips, because their testimonies changed my life.

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(These notes are meant to go along with the little movie clips I like to make. They are characters based off of me and people who have shared their testimonies with me. No real names or likenesses of course. I hope the clips are entertaining and the scriptures help you apply God’s Word, to everyday life.)