I heard a story about a man who boarded a plane.  He was offered the usual, drink, peanuts , ect.  He was also offered a parachute by the flight attendant.  He was told that the parachute would enhance his flight by making him more comfortable.  The parachute was a precaution and it would make him more comfortable.  As the flight got on the way, the other passengers noticed the parachute on his back. They gave him strange looks and they even giggled as they saw that he was having trouble getting comfortable in his seat.  Turbulence, along with the other aggravations, inflamed the man to the point that he called for the flight attendant. He stood up and stuck his finger in her face, as he exclaimed how uncomfortable he was. “The passengers are making fun of me for taking this ridiculous parachute.  Don’t try to explain anything, just take it back. I don’t want to see any of you flight attendants, or this parachute again!”

When I try to tell people about the one who was ordained to save the world, (Jesus the Christ), I’ve noticed that someone has tried tell them that Jesus the Christ would enhance their life by making them more comfortable. They seem to believe that “joining the club” should make people like you more, and when things get a little bumpy in life, they cling to their own devices to give themselves temporary peace. Some people get so upset, they don’t want to even discuss the problem or see another christian again. I am hoping to bring some clarity about the word of God and how it applies to our life.

The same man boards the flight. Except this time the flight attendant tells him the truth. “Sir, sometime during this flight, the plane is going to crash. If you don’t have this parachute on, you will not survive.  The instructions are posted and I will be happy to explain any difficult part to you.  This parachute can get uncomfortable sometimes.  It doesn’t feel natural at first, you’ll have to get use to it. Other people have opted not to have the parachute, but remember what I warned you about.” Now when he sees the other people making fun of him, he rolls his eyes because he is determined to live. When the turbulence moves the plane around, he grabs his parachute tight, he doesn’t get frustrated. The flight attendant comes through the isle and he smiles in gratitude.  He’s so grateful in fact, he begins to convince others to get the parachute.

I’m praying to bring clarity to the things of my God.