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You’re dropped into a colorful, fantastic forest where you meet unforgettable characters. The language of this book is so energetic that I felt like there was some place that I needed to go…and I needed a horse.

The waters of Elyon, the lakes were transforming and sustaining waters. A few days without the life giving water and a change would come over you. I fell in love with the green waters of Elyon. I felt as if I could scoop a palm full of the waters from the pages of the book, the language was so vivid. The importance of the waters are further emphasized when you learn of the consequences for not bathing in the waters. A painful disease arises on the skin and begins to affect the mind. “The first sign of pain crept into Johnis’s bones when the sun was halfway down the western sky. He pulled up and flexed his fingers, surprised by how suddenly the stiffness had set in.”

You really can’t imagine the twist and turns of each episode. I read to figure out what would happen next. I read to figure out what I wanted to do next. There was beauty to be seen in the strangest places. I chose an enemy and at one point I saddled a horse and rode with the four chosen in this book. Right about that point, I began to pull a meaning from this book that would deepen my purpose in life. I was ‘Chosen’. Chosen to lead, to die, to follow clues and hold on to the mysteries. Why? Because Teeleh is watching and waiting for an opportunity to control the destiny of the world, and waiting to control our destiny by rewriting what ‘is written’.

I enjoyed this book. I can’t do it justice in this humble review, but I want to do my part. People should know about this book because it begins a journey into your soul. You can discuss this book with a variety of age groups and there are statements that will stay with you for a long time. Chosen is more than positive and encouraging. If you dive deep enough…its life changing.

–Kim S-J


Infidel is book two in a continuation of the lost book series. It takes place in the same colorful and beautiful forest as in the first book in the series, Chosen. In this book, Infidel, you get a deeper view of the Horde. The Horde are a group that does not bathe in the life giving waters of Elyon. This group of people have a very different perspective of the water of the forest. They hate the water and they believe that the forest dwellers have a disease, and not they themselves. Most of the Horde have cracked dry skin which they soothe with a milky, white paste instead of water. Their eyes are clouded over and their hair is locked or matted so it could be managed easier. Food is more bland than in the colorful forest. Their emotional state is just as grey and bland as their lifestyle. Forest dwellers seem to have the ability to love in a more passionate way. It is hard to see the attraction of being a Horde if you are a forest dweller but as you read through the journey you will find some very attractive attributes that call even the forest dwellers from the waters of Elyon.

Like the title suggest, there is a traitor in the midst of the forest guard, or should I say some traitors. There are traitors of the heart where a person has the appearance of being in the group but in their heart they have committed themselves to another. Their were traitors who lived for duty and to gain status. When it came down to a decision between gain and Elyon’s heart, they betrayed their oath to Elyon’s heart. One of the traitors said that, ‘The painful part is not the cracked skin or the burning of Elyon’s waters, but the switching back and forth.’ It seems like the line between the forest dwellers and the Horde, begin to blur at the edge of the forest and the first signs of the desert, when it comes to the matters of the heart.

The books. The battle for the lost books is still Teeleh’s goal.  Teeleh and those who act on his behalf, are the enemies of the forest dwellers.  Elyon’s waters are what keeps the people looking with the right perspective, but some still have the desires of Teeleh. Power, status, and other things that the books promise seem to drive people to do the most extreme things.  For some, the books bring to the surface a deep betrayal, for others it inspires bravery driven by true love.

In order for Teeleh to accomplish his ultimate goals, he needs Commander Thomas. Thomas’s commitment to Elyon gives him an advantage that few can figure out. They believe that he is half human, half roush or spirit. Thomas’s life mission is to protect what is written and the heart of Elyon’s water. Thomas is learning new powers and mysteries to achieve his goals of protect and serve.

It was hard to divide people by the sword when you looked through one of the main character’s eyes. He came to a place where he had to consider the children. You began to realize, like Johnis, that the waters of Elyon were meant for everyone, especially the Horde. Elyon called them to keep and defend the forest, but the purpose for doing this reveals Elyon’s heart. This is what Johnis discovers indirectly. It’s a sweet revelation that makes the story pop with warm pleasure and satisfaction.

Kim S-J

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