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Some people go through their day like they are taking a multiple choice quiz.  I know, it used to be that way for me. I’m in traffic and I’m trying to leave space between me and the car in front of me. I don’t want a sudden stop to put me in his or her trunk.  The car in the other lane sees it as an opportunity to change lanes without a signal….really.  Do I, A) Vent with foul words and hand gestures so that the person in the other car knows they should never try that again with me.  B)  Have a Christian melt down.  Act as if some unseen hand is calming me down by swaying me back and forth, which causes me to moan and quote scriptures against the demon in the car changing lanes. Or C) Thank God there was no accident and pray for safety and discernment for me and the other drivers.  You know which one it the right one.  Pray for me cause I’m stuck between b and c.

Trying to figure out how to react in situations is the wrong response when situations rise throughout life.  This will put you in a pattern of waiting to see what will happen next and then calculating what the right response should be. This is why meditating on the Word of God is so important.  The Word tells you how to BE.  The Word shows you how to get the world and it’s situations to respond to you (your prayers and the works you establish through Christ Jesus).

Paul and Silas were in Philippi preaching about Jesus when they were arrested. (Acts 16:16-34) While they were in jail they prayed and sang hymns, while the other prisoners listened. This was their reaction to being beaten and thrown in jail. Their reaction wasn’t, ‘Lord why did you let this happen to us. Don’t you see we are doing this for you.’  They kept on doing weird things like this. Later on in the night they started praying and a earthquake shook the prison so hard the chains broke off the prisoners.  Things were happening all around Paul and Silas but they didn’t react to the situations because nothing had changed for them.  They were still on Kingdom business.  They were still on a mission, saving souls.  It was as if they were saying, ‘Anyway, back to what we were saying’.  Their consistency caused the jailer to see the truth of the situation.  Paul and Silas had always been free, delivered, and protected.  This is what the word saved means. (Greek word – Sozo= whole) The jailer realized that his keys couldn’t really bind or loose anyone who was truly free.  You know there are people who try and dress and act the part and there are people who are the real thing. The jailer saw that Paul and Silas were the real thing.  He asked them what he needed to do to be saved.

When the enemy brings about a situation to get you to react, just keep being who you are, a child of God.  Don’t be distracted from our Kings business by racism, religion, politics, doctrine, music, television, traffic  ect…  Tell the enemy, “No, you freak out.  You Move.”

(Written to my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus) Matt 16:25

Love Kim S-J


Learn Love


You may think it comes naturally but it doesn’t.  What human beings naturally do is ‘measure’. We measure our time, one another, education, ourselves and many other things.  Everyone wants to believe that they love correctly.  We even measure when we’ve loved enough and it’s time to stop.

God shows us His nature, Love, all through the old-testament (Gen 28:15).  You see the needle and the thread more plainly in the new-testament (John 3:16).  So many times, Jesus the Christ, confronted those who measured their love and others by good deeds or status.  The truth is whether it is correction or a holy kiss, it should be like moving from one form of love to another and you can only accomplish this by the Holy Spirit.  (Luke 4:18) We have to learn to ‘fall back’ in the arms of God everyday or we will keep feeling the need to draw our knife, like Peter did when he felt threatened in the garden with Jesus.

The human gets in the way.  What you’ve been through, how someone looked at you, the measure of how many times they did this to you will get in the way.  You can’t teach, preach, prophesy or greet anyone without God’s love that says, ‘they have a different past, they don’t understand, or this is how they were taught’.  This is not okay to the human being, but to God these are his babies and He’s determined to teach them. You’re His baby and He is determined to teach you.

I speak to a lot of people.  You can hear the Lord take control.  The things I want to say and the point I want to make, doesn’t make it pass my lips (thank God right).  It only happens because I discovered that the reaction or the point I thought was so important doesn’t accomplish what I thought it would.  His ways are not our ways, and His thoughts are not our thoughts.  If we trust God enough to fall back in His arms, everything will turn out right.

It is a command because it is impossible to carry out God’s instructions without it. The Love of God insures that your correction never goes too far.  What you equip others to do isn’t too much. It’s the buffer to make sure you don’t harm others and you are not too hard on yourself.

I love Shawn McDonald’s song, ‘Simply Nothing’.  There chorus says “What are you man, if you do not learn love”.  I believe this is what Paul was trying to get us to understand. (1 Cor 13)  All the dreams and aspirations you may have for yourself will come to nothing if you don’t “learn love”.

(Written to the Christian family) Romans 13:10 / 1 John 4:7 & 12

Love Kim S-J

“Go with God and expect great things.” My pastor says this at the close of each Sunday service.  When I read the story of the cripple man in Acts 3:1-10, I could see Peter saying that to the man in need of a miracle.  The cripple man was expecting money to help him with his financial needs because he couldn’t work…..because he was crippled.  What a blessing the money was to the man and the people who gave it to him. But if we’re not careful, the dependence or faith in the money, will rob you of your expectation, which builds up your faith, and your resistance to the enemies prophecies over your life. –Hush Money,  You can get to the point where you expect help to come in the form of money. The cripple man was told to look at Peter and John, and he did, (Act 3:5) expecting money.

Peter told the man that he didn’t have any silver or gold but what he did  have was access to the temple, and access to Jesus.  (This is difficult on both sides to do.) We must strive to believe that we have something to offer others, other than silver and gold, and other people have something to offer us, other than silver and gold.

At the name of Jesus Christ, a quickening began to take place in the cripple man’s thoughts, emotions and his physical body, before the man was given the command to rise and walk.  In the army, there is a command that prepares you to act on a command.  It’s like the word “ready”, in “ready set, go”.  At the name of Jesus, a connection is made between the words that are being spoken and the words that you have stored in your heart.  The activation is made. Code acknowledged, faith recognized, commence transformation.  Okay, sorry, I had a flashback. It was God’s timing and He helps our unbelief.  (Word to Word, faith to faith).   “Rise up and walk”, Peter says to the cripple man.  I read this as, “I know who you are. Do you know who I am and who I am to you? Then acknowledge it by getting up and doing what you couldn’t do before.”

Peter helped the man to do what he told him to do, just like Jesus does.  He doesn’t tell you to do anything he doesn’t plan on helping you with.  The man felt the strength come into his feet and ankle bones.  (The first physical sign that healing had taken place)

My favorite part of this testimony is when the writer begins to call the man, the lame man that was healed.  Whatever his name was, he was different now. His faith in other things must have shot through the roof.  He became immune to words like, never, 99%, nothing we can do, learn to live with it, that’s just the way it is, take this for the rest of your life, ect.

Don’t go through life never knowing what it feels like to leap like no one is watching, or what is like to enter a place that most don’t have access to.

When you have lost your expectation for healing or anything else, or you have built more of a case to receive your check than to get what the enemy has stolen from you,…It’s hush money. It’s stealing away your expectations, killing your spiritual immune system, faith and the abundant life that was promised to you.

I know why a lame man leaps. –SMILE

Love ya, (written to the Christian family)

Kim S-J

The story of the Samaritan woman is pretty well known, I suppose.  But to jump right to the point, Jesus was waiting for food and apparently, He wouldn’t have minded a drink of water as well. (No pun intended, although it did make me smile) This story is one of the ones I use to explain the two things going on with a person at one time. You can almost see Jesus in his flesh thinking, “I hope those guys hurry up cause, I’m hungry. Hey lady, will you give me some water?  And now again in his Spirit saying, “Thank you Father, I am full by your words and refreshed by your Spirit. I must share what I have partaken of with this Samaritan woman.” (This is definitely one of the reasons the disciples sounded confused in some parts of scripture.) When the disciples come back with the food, they present it to Jesus and He says out of his Spirit, “I have meat that you know not of.” I suppose, shortly after, He got a drink of water and ate the sandwich too.

Do you understand that you can be physically full of food and spiritually lacking nutrients? You can drink a bottle of water and your spirit is thirsty. You can have all your bills paid and be bankrupt in spirit.  How much worse is it to be hungry from the inside out or without the proper currency physically and spiritually. Rich men jump off buildings and poor men laugh while eating buttered bread.

I had a busy couple of weeks. I would promise to do my worship and study time later in the day and that wouldn’t happen. Then the week goes by. The end of the week I tired, frustrated, definitely not centered on Christ. I realized I can’t afford not to read and pray. It’s a bridge that every true Christian crosses.

You can’t put off spiritual meat and living water. You’ll starve and bring destruction to your soul. Even if you’re not one who gets hungry, you will eventually say, “I should eat something.” It should be the same with your life with God. You can’t get much done on an empty spirit, but when it’s full you can share.

Written to the Christian family   John 4:1-42

Love ya

Kim S-J

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