Ted Dekker is an amazing writer. I imagine his novels pinned to paper by candle light, although I know better. His unique settings and unforgettable characters showcase his own passion for each story. Ted Dekker’s novels are so well written and the battle between good and evil are so realistically cloaked by emotions that you could find yourself caught in your own web of unresolved struggles, battling with your own personally cloaked issues.

I could not think of many things more tragic than to listen to a song, watch a movie, sit through a sermon or read a book and never catch on to it’s meaning. I’ve decided to put my hands on this keyboard and expound on what I believe are, impart, the meaning of the books I’ve read. A couple young ones, who are apart of my book club will be reviewing these books with me. This is the result of a few summer projects that have deepened our perspective on good and evil and set our imagination on fire do greater projects on our own, with a deeper passion than we thought possible.

Kim S-J