MV2: Unordered Steps

Blog Title: The Wrong Pattern To Follow Psalms (51:5)

(Written to fellow followers of the Christ, Jesus)

It seems that most people, including myself, have spent too much time trying to find ourselves. What am I good at? What will make me happy? What will make me happier, longer?  Have I changed or have I changed my mind?

If you’re fortunate, you’ll see a pattern in your family that will give you some clue about yourself.  You feel even more secure, if the pattern goes back for generations. You would think anything that goes back generations or 100 plus years could be trusted as fact. But what if they were chasing money, in order to take care of the family, and never got around to what they were gifted at. You might see a pattern of good careers but depression from not being satisfied.

My grandmother was a nurse and so was my mother. So I took up nursing. I didn’t ask God. I was satisfied that I was following in part of the family footsteps. I am not a nurse (not a physical nurse anyway), and I suspect that the world missed out on two great business minds, in my grandmother and mother.

After wasting money and time, not to mention countless hours of aggravation, the devil took the opportunity that my situation presented. We should look at our family traits to understand and get clues about ourselves, but it shouldn’t over-ride the plan that God has for each of our individual lives.

We could take it a step further and apply it to our relationships.  Some people look at the relationships in their family’s past and think their relationships are doomed or their relationships will flourish. This is yet another opportunity for the enemy to come into our lives, during the confusion. We follow the plans we make, attach our feelings to whomever we want. Most people wait until something goes wrong to ask God for a plan or for help. Although this is the right reaction in times of trouble, we should take God’s advice about plans along with the importance of His gifts. Only the things we do in Christ last. Everything else must me revised or becomes obsolete.

We really have to take being born again literally. Our Lord says to come to him as a child.  God says He knows what plans He has for us (Jeremiah 29:11).  In Timothy 3:16, He says He is the one who instructs us by His word. We are to give our plans to God (Proverbs 3:5-6).

When a Christian realizes who they are in Christ, and is moved for what moves God, the power of God flows through the gifts He has given them.  Miracles happen, when we are not distracted from our real goal in life. When we pursue being supernatural with our skin color, career’s, and influence in life being our uniform for our mission.  Our commitment to Christ must be more real than our commitment to the world.

Without a close relationship with God we are just guessing.  I’ve spoken to people who aren’t sure if God is closing a door or if God is challenging them to break it down.   That’s hard to deal with when you read about God giving detail instructions for the ark. (Jer 6:16)

The lives of others, television shows, and seemingly more intellectual people will have more influence in our life and its direction than our Lord. It changes our desires and gives a low tolerance for the things of God. Christian music has to sound a certain way.  Christian movies are cornney. One more scripture and you’ll explode, looking forward to being rich, instead of looking forward to seeing your King of Kings. You can’t stand the taste of water. You get the point.

I suffered from everything I have written, at some point in time.  I was studying the Bible, some time ago, and I got frustrated because things were not adding up or building the way I thought they would. I was “confused”. In frustration I said, “Lord I don’t get it. Never mind everything I’ve studied. You teach me. This is too important for me to screw up.” The Lord spoke into my spirit, “Welcome to kindergarten. Lesson one, become teachable”.


Kim S-J

Psalms 25:4 / Psalms 27:11 /Psalm 119:105 / Jonah 2:7 / 2Timothy 3:16

Godtube chanel: Kimchi1- movie #2

(These notes are meant to go along with the little movie clips I like to make. They are characters based off of me and people who have shared their testimonies with me. No real names or likenesses of course. I hope the clips are entertaining and the scriptures help you apply God’s Word, to everyday life.)