The story of the Samaritan woman is pretty well known, I suppose.  But to jump right to the point, Jesus was waiting for food and apparently, He wouldn’t have minded a drink of water as well. (No pun intended, although it did make me smile) This story is one of the ones I use to explain the two things going on with a person at one time. You can almost see Jesus in his flesh thinking, “I hope those guys hurry up cause, I’m hungry. Hey lady, will you give me some water?  And now again in his Spirit saying, “Thank you Father, I am full by your words and refreshed by your Spirit. I must share what I have partaken of with this Samaritan woman.” (This is definitely one of the reasons the disciples sounded confused in some parts of scripture.) When the disciples come back with the food, they present it to Jesus and He says out of his Spirit, “I have meat that you know not of.” I suppose, shortly after, He got a drink of water and ate the sandwich too.

Do you understand that you can be physically full of food and spiritually lacking nutrients? You can drink a bottle of water and your spirit is thirsty. You can have all your bills paid and be bankrupt in spirit.  How much worse is it to be hungry from the inside out or without the proper currency physically and spiritually. Rich men jump off buildings and poor men laugh while eating buttered bread.

I had a busy couple of weeks. I would promise to do my worship and study time later in the day and that wouldn’t happen. Then the week goes by. The end of the week I tired, frustrated, definitely not centered on Christ. I realized I can’t afford not to read and pray. It’s a bridge that every true Christian crosses.

You can’t put off spiritual meat and living water. You’ll starve and bring destruction to your soul. Even if you’re not one who gets hungry, you will eventually say, “I should eat something.” It should be the same with your life with God. You can’t get much done on an empty spirit, but when it’s full you can share.

Written to the Christian family   John 4:1-42

Love ya

Kim S-J