“Go with God and expect great things.” My pastor says this at the close of each Sunday service.  When I read the story of the cripple man in Acts 3:1-10, I could see Peter saying that to the man in need of a miracle.  The cripple man was expecting money to help him with his financial needs because he couldn’t work…..because he was crippled.  What a blessing the money was to the man and the people who gave it to him. But if we’re not careful, the dependence or faith in the money, will rob you of your expectation, which builds up your faith, and your resistance to the enemies prophecies over your life. –Hush Money,  You can get to the point where you expect help to come in the form of money. The cripple man was told to look at Peter and John, and he did, (Act 3:5) expecting money.

Peter told the man that he didn’t have any silver or gold but what he did  have was access to the temple, and access to Jesus.  (This is difficult on both sides to do.) We must strive to believe that we have something to offer others, other than silver and gold, and other people have something to offer us, other than silver and gold.

At the name of Jesus Christ, a quickening began to take place in the cripple man’s thoughts, emotions and his physical body, before the man was given the command to rise and walk.  In the army, there is a command that prepares you to act on a command.  It’s like the word “ready”, in “ready set, go”.  At the name of Jesus, a connection is made between the words that are being spoken and the words that you have stored in your heart.  The activation is made. Code acknowledged, faith recognized, commence transformation.  Okay, sorry, I had a flashback. It was God’s timing and He helps our unbelief.  (Word to Word, faith to faith).   “Rise up and walk”, Peter says to the cripple man.  I read this as, “I know who you are. Do you know who I am and who I am to you? Then acknowledge it by getting up and doing what you couldn’t do before.”

Peter helped the man to do what he told him to do, just like Jesus does.  He doesn’t tell you to do anything he doesn’t plan on helping you with.  The man felt the strength come into his feet and ankle bones.  (The first physical sign that healing had taken place)

My favorite part of this testimony is when the writer begins to call the man, the lame man that was healed.  Whatever his name was, he was different now. His faith in other things must have shot through the roof.  He became immune to words like, never, 99%, nothing we can do, learn to live with it, that’s just the way it is, take this for the rest of your life, ect.

Don’t go through life never knowing what it feels like to leap like no one is watching, or what is like to enter a place that most don’t have access to.

When you have lost your expectation for healing or anything else, or you have built more of a case to receive your check than to get what the enemy has stolen from you,…It’s hush money. It’s stealing away your expectations, killing your spiritual immune system, faith and the abundant life that was promised to you.

I know why a lame man leaps. –SMILE

Love ya, (written to the Christian family)

Kim S-J