Born connected to my mother with a cord,

Cut off from what I thought was life, what I needed to survive.

As I grew, I tried to connect again and again, but each time I found it less fulfilling.

Where could I find a connection that would take these blues away, or touch the untouchable place.

I see a smile on her face, maybe what she found can replace…whatever it is I’m missing

No? Not a woman, nor a man? How about money, or being grand? It’s all so sadly temporary

How dare this man not have what I need…and I’m spending money till I bleed

Where can I place this cord, that doesn’t drain others dry and eventually leave me alone to cry

Not one physical thing puts out enough energy to support my spiritual needs

I am telling you the truth, although my physical cord was cut long time ago

I still feel a spiritual need to connect… connect to real love, passion, family

Once I found the true Lord of Lords and King of Kings, Jesus Christ (Yeshua), I found I could never drain Him dry

It explained why no one could ever be the sole source to help me, satisfy me, educate me, entertain me, understand me….

So if you are one of the “few” that my Lord has talked about….make the connection to Christ alone

Kimya S-J